Gustavo Cortiñas Snapshot- "ESSE" (2017)

The much-anticipated second release from drummer Gustavo Cortiñas will certainly serve to elevate the group's aesthetic. The album will once again feature all original music from Cortiñas, performed by a group of talented musicians. Check it out here:


Thom Schwartz's Hip Young Gunslingers- Self Titled (2016)

Northwestern graduate, trombonist and composer Thom Schwartz assembled a wonderful group of musicians to form what he called the "Hip Young Gunslingers", jazz big band that carries an air of quirkiness and humor in its sound. Thom did all of the composing and arranging for the ensemble, and as a result, the band definitely has its on distinctive sound. The ensemble went into the studio at I.V. Labs in Chicago in July of 2016 to record their debut album. Stay tuned for a winter release!

Dan Meinhardt Outset- "Outset" (2016)

This one is a long time in the making! This was an incredible project to put together, and we are incredibly thrilled to present the world with our debut album featuring a multitude of fantastic composition from Dan Meinhardt. The record was just released in August of 2016! You can check it out here on iTunes:

Anthony Pavel- "Windows" (2016)

Anthony is a wonderfully talented up-and-coming vocalist. His music lies within the realm of R&B, with some beautifully unique nuances. This particular album was produced by CHAD, and Justin had the opportunity to be featured on two of the tracks. You can find the new EP on iTunes:

Foline Roos- Self Titled EP (2015)

In April of 2015, talented vocalist Foline Roos assembled a small group of jazz musicians to record her debut EP. The recording features a refreshing mix of jazz vocal arrangements of standard tunes as well as some original pop music written by Roos. The EP is currently existing as a demo and may not be available to hear at the moment, but an official release could be anticipated in the near future.

Kitt Lyles- "real Talk" (2015)

Justin recently recorded on bassist and composer Kitt Lyles' debut project entitled "Real Talk", which culminated with a successful brief tour in the southern United States. You can find the new record here:

Richie Palys Big Band- "Momther" (2015, tentative Title)

Richie Palys is a talented trombonist and composer, and put together a large ensemble of some of Chicago's best to record his debut project of original music. The group premiered the project at DePaul University in May of 2015, and went into the studio the subsequent December to record. The album is still in production, so stay tuned for a release!

Saba- Comfort Zone (2014)

With the help of the talented young producing posse NAiMA (which consists of former Northwestern classmates of Justin), Chicago-bred MC Saba dropped a highly-acclaimed debut release onto the world of Hip Hop. Justin has a humble feature on one of the record's most popular tracks, "United Center". Check out the track on Soundcloud:

Fatbook- "Fatbook" (self-titled, 2014)

Justin has been very active with Fatbook, a 7-piece reggae/hip-hop/west-african/rock-influenced band that is quickly strengthening their national fan-base. Fatbook has recently finished their self-titled debut album, which was released in July of 2014. The album is available on iTunes:

Funky Hot Grits- "Runaround" (2014)

Justin was a part of the brass section for a Chicago-based funk band called Funky Hot Grits. The now-defunct 7-piece band features original compositions and a fresh sound. Check out their debut album, "Runaround" on iTunes here:

Sasha Bayan- "Do I Know You?" (2013)

Justin was also a part of Los Angeles-based guitarist/composer Sasha Bayan's debut project. "Do I Know You?" features 30+ musicians and as well as a refined conjunction of jazz, classical and modern pop idioms. Check it out on iTunes here:

Gustavo Cortiñas- "Snapshot" (2013)

Justin is featured throughout Gustavo Cortiñas' 2013 debut recording entitled "Snapshot". The album features original compositions by Cortiñas, as well as a strong personnel to bring the music to life. The recording is receiving wonderful reviews worldwide. Check it out on iTunes here: